Why Meditate and Practice Mindfulness?

  • Tap Into the Power of Your Mind

    Meditation is an amazing and powerful tool to help you learn to be more in control of your own mind, and to give yourself the opportunity to better hear your own inner guidance. You'll be amazed at how even a few minutes of meditation can shift your entire day!

  • They Call It A Practice For A Reason

    One of the most common things people say when they are first learning to meditate is, “My mind jumps all over the place and I can’t get quiet”. That’s totally normal, especially when you are first learning. So don’t let that be a barrier to continuing to practice. Even the most experienced meditators have days where their “monkey mind” jumps all over the place too!

  • Build Your Meditation Tool-Kit

    Some exercises are more “basic” – to help you begin to train your mind’s eye to focus on something – like your breath, or sensations in your body. Other exercises are geared towards helping you to navigate uncomfortable emotions, as well as to help you feel more empowered to deal with specific fertility challenges.

  • Safe for those going through ART

    These exercises are safe to do if you are undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), with specific instructions for modifications, if needed.

Course curriculum

Investment - Audio Meditations for Fertility & Wellbeing

Note: The Audio Meditations for Fertility & Wellbeing may be purchased alone. The Audio Meditations for Fertility & Wellbeing (and so much more) are also part of The Complete Mind-Body Fertility Program©.


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