What is the Fertility Ball Method® ?

  • Optimize Your Fertility

    The Fertility Ball Method is a series of exercises that utilize acupressure points in the body (i.e., the same meridians, or energy channels, as used in acupuncture).

  • Activation of acupressure points can help to:

    • Stimulate Circulation/Blood Flow • Massage the Internal Organs • Help to Regulate Gynecological Function • Detoxify and Cleanse • Decrease Stress • Open the Connective Tissue/Fascia

  • Ancient Medicine in Your Own Hands

    This protocol can be practiced in the comfort of your home (or close your door at the office)! Do one exercise a day or all of them! Feel empowered by learning to listen to what your body needs and taking small steps daily to optimize your fertility!

  • Safe while doing ART

    These exercises are safe to do if you are undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), with specific instructions for modifications, if needed.

Fertility Ball Method® Practice

A step-by-step video guide.

Investment - The Fertility Ball Method® Practice (video only)

This video may be purchased alone or as part of the Fertility Ball Method® video series + Fertility Ball Set (physical product) Bundle.

The Fertility Ball Method® Video Practice + Fertility Ball Set (and so much more) are also part of The Complete Mind-Body Fertility Program©.

Please Note: If you are placing an order to receive a set of the Fertility Balls® (either the balls individually, as part of our Ball+Video Bundle or the Complete Mind-Body Fertility Program©) you MUST provide a physical shipping address when you create your account (as we are unable to ship to a P.O. Box). We will ship to you one set of 2 (two) Fertility Balls®, an instruction manual and a small-ball pump. 

Additionally, please be aware that The Fertility Balls® will intermittently lose some air and need to be re-inflated with the small ball pump included in the kit. This pump will also allow you to adjust the balls to a level of fullness that is "just right" for your comfort.


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