Fertility & Wellness Summit

October 19 - 27, 2019

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    is often a journey with unexpected challenges and gifts. Whether you're just starting to try to conceive or you've been experiencing fertility challenges, we're here to help you traverse this life milestone feeling more empowered and at ease!

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Confirmed Speakers & Topics

Presenter: Tina Koopersmith, MD, REI, FACOG, ABOIM

Nature and Nurture: Genetics and Immunology as they Relate to Fertility and Conception

Presenter: Tina Koopersmith, MD, REI, FACOG, ABOIM

• Patterns of inheritance • Preconception Genetic Testing — what it is, when it is recommended and why • Preimplantation Genetic Testing — what it is, when it is recommended and why • Noninvasive genetic testing during a pregnancy • How a pregnancy is a miracle for the immune system • How the immune system changes during a pregnancy • What can cause the immune system to go awry • The seven deadly disruptors to the immune system • Therapies used during fertility and pregnancy to help the immune system

BIO: Dr Koopersmith grew up in New York, went to Duke University in North Carolina for both her undergraduate degree and her Medical School education. In 1989, she moved across the country to do her training at USC-LAC County Medical Center. It was at County that she did her internship and residency in OBGYN and then her fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility. She studied under the esteemed physicians: Dr Dan Mishell (expert in contraception), Dr Rogerio Lobo (expert in menopause) , Dr Mark Sauer (pioneer in egg donation) and Dr Rick Paulson who later became the Division chief in fertility at USC.

Always the student, Dr Koopersmith recently finished a 2 year fellowship in Integrative Medicine and is now board certified in OBGYN, REI and Integrative Medicine. She is now in the midst of finishing her credentials in Functional Medicine.
Presenter: Valerie Landis

Cryopreservation for the Modern Woman

Presenter: Valerie Landis

• Getting tested and knowing your fertility status (early and often) • When is the right time to freeze to maximize the financial costs vs benefits • What benefits egg freezing and cryopreservation could bring the modern woman
• How egg freezing can help planning for future families and buy more time to find the right parenting partner

BIO: Valerie Landis has been working in the women’s healthcare field with startup fertility companies for the last decade. She travels across the country to build partnerships with fertility clinics, helps drive change for patient's access to fertility care issues, and is a key voice for patient advocacy and education. Valerie focuses on guiding women of any reproductive age to help form a future plan through the complex and challenging paths of fertility decisions with {her}strategies, which is one-on-one counseling services. 
Valerie is the founder of the educational website eggsperience.com and the Eggology Club podcast, and creator of the video docu-series THIS IS EGG FREEZING. 
Presenter: Fred Harlan, MA, MA, AMFT

It’s a Man’s World Too: Lessons for Men from Men in Navigating the Path through Infertility to Fatherhood℠

Presenter: Fred Harlan, MA, MA, AMFT

• My Infertility Journey • You’re Not Alone: The Experiences of Other Men • How to Cope • How to be a Supportive Partner • Navigating the Path & Preparing for What Might Be Around the Corner

BIO: Fred Harlan is a resourceful Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who helps: 1) men and couples manage the stress of infertility; 2) couples reconnect and strengthen their relationship, and 3) men deal with life issues that guys face every day. Fred is an expert in communication and interpersonal relationships. He holds masters degrees in Clinical Psychology and Communication. He is a skilled educator and speaker having taught and spoken in university, professional and community settings. In addition, Fred is a Governing Board Member of Adventist Health Simi Valley. He works in Thousand Oaks, CA. Contact: 805-334-0023 or fredharlan.net.
Presenter: Wendy Shubin, MSPAS, PA-C, C-IAYT, 500 RYT

An Osteopathic Approach to Fertility

Presenter: Wendy Shubin, MSPAS, PA-C, C-IAYT, 500 RYT

• Fertility 101 • Structural and functional anatomy • Fascial system and biotensegrity • How Posturing/gravity line affects biotensegrity and reproductive organs • How to fix it with correcting posture, strength training, myofascial stretching, GPS, circulatory, manual therapy and ELDOA™

BIO: Wendy Shubin is a Certified ELDOA™ Trainer, Yoga Therapist and has been a practicing licensed Physician Assistant specializing in OB/GYN & Reproductive Endocrinology since 2001. As a mid-level clinician, Wendy currently practices with ​Innovative Fertility Clinic in Manhattan Beach, California with Dr. Mark Rispler.
Presenter: Dr. Stefanie Berg

Toxins, Fertility and the Importance
of Preconception Detox

Presenter: Dr. Stefanie Berg

• The impact of toxins on fertility, pregnancy outcomes and future generations • Why it’s important to detox at least 3 months before you want to conceive
• Simple suggestions for preconception detox • How can you remove toxins in your daily life simply while still living in the modern world

BIO: Stephanie Berg is a Naturopathic Doctor with a passion for women’s health and fertility and provides care to women at all stages of life – from menarche to menopause and beyond – so that they can feel their best and focus on doing and being all they want in the world. She blends science-based natural therapies with cutting-edge knowledge gained from modern medicine incorporating a number of healing modalities when caring for her patients, including medical based nutrition and dietary recommendations, botanical medicine, nutrient supplementation and lifestyle recommendations. She believes that naturopathic medicine is best used in conjunction with conventional medical care when NDs work in collaboration with MDs, DOs, DCs, acupuncturists, and other healthcare practitioners as a part of a patient’s healthcare team. She will be joining West Coast Women’s Reproductive Center this fall to provide naturopathic medical services.
Presenter: Sara Rector, MFT

Positive Intention Conception

Presenter: Sara Rector, MFT

Coming Soon!
BIO: Sara has been helping individuals and couples cope since 1980, and in private practice since 1994. She is the Director of the Circle of Life Center, a full service infertility support center providing information, counseling for individuals, couples and groups, as well as providing psychological evaluations for prospective donors and surrogates.

Sara leads Support Groups for RESOLVE (Southwestern Region), has written articles for RESOLVE , lectured at Fall Symposiums, has been teleconference guest speaker (National level), and has setup & coordinated Speakers and topics for RESOLVE quarterly education meetings. She has been an expert witness in an infertility court case and a subject of live interviews on infertility at Anjionline.com, a women's health & well-being website.

Sara holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from The University of San Francisco, a B.S. in Psychology from Pitzer College of Claremont Colleges, and is a member of the California Association of Marriage, Family and Child Therapists (CAMFT), American Fertility Association (AFA), American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and RESOLVE.

She has created a Reproductive Wellness MP3 and CD series available on her website: http:// www.circleoflifecenter.info/products/resources.html
Presenter: Wendy Obstler, C-IAYT, RYT500

Shifting the Focus from Baby-Making to
Mama-Making with Yoga and Mindfulness

Presenter: Wendy Obstler, C-IAYT, RYT500

• What is Yoga and why do we do it?
• How is Yoga for Fertility different than a “regular” yoga class?
• Mothering yourself now so you can be a better mother later
• Three tools you can integrate today to be more present, connect with your body, your breath, and feel more empowered on your journey.

BIO: Wendy is a Certified Yoga Therapist, Fertility Yoga Expert, Prenatal & Postpartum Instructor, and Co-Founder of Living Lēla.

Since 2005, she had worked with countless women and their partners struggling with fertility challenges & pregnancy loss, witnessing over and over again the powerful benefits of yoga on fertility.

Wendy has had the honor to guide and hold the space for hundreds of women moving through the tumultuous roller coaster ride of fertility.
She has also been through her own personal bumpy ride on the fertility wagon. After two miscarriages, she conceived her son, Henri. Even her pregnancy with him was not without its challenges, but in the end Wendy feels blessed to have had her 'ideal' childbirth and delivery.

Wendy is also a co-creator and collaborator of Soulful Conceptions™ Complete Mind-Body Fertility Program. To learn more, visit: www.livinglela.com and www.divinesparkyoga.com
Presenter: Denise Noyer-Erez, L.Ac., FABORM

3 Ways to Optimize Your Chances of Getting Pregnant, Naturally or with IVF

Presenter: Denise Noyer-Erez, L.Ac., FABORM

• New discoveries about the right food choices to prepare your body for conception.
• 3 things you can do to improve egg quality.
• How getting the right support you need to succeed can make all the difference.

BIO: Denise is the owner and clinical director at AIM Women’s Wellness Center. Lovingly known as The Fertility Godmother, she is a primary care physician in the state of California, and the source of the Center’s abundant, integrative approach to medicine and women’s health.
Denise is passionate about helping couples who want to have a baby. She strongly believes in preconception care and has a special place in her heart for women that have unexplained infertility, diminished ovarian reserve, and recurrent pregnancy loss. Combining the best of Eastern and Western medicine, she shows them how to overcome obstacles and get their mind and body back in balance using a whole life approach, so they can have an exceptional quality of life and create the family they desire.
Denise, a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, is licensed and board certified in acupuncture and Oriental reproductive medicine. She completed her Masters of Science and a clinical internship in Oriental Medicine at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, UCLA, and Daniel Freeman Hospital in Marina Del Rey. She received further training in acupuncture at the International Acupuncture Academy in Beijing, China. Denise has also completed extensive post-graduate training in reproductive wellness, including TCM Gynecology, fertility, support for IVF/IUI, pre-and postnatal care, menopause, and pelvic pain. Prior to Chinese Medical school, she studied Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Science at California State University, Northridge.
Presenter: Erica Reid, OTR/L, RES-CPT™

Topic Title Coming Soon

Presenter: Erica Reid, OTR/L, RES-CPT™

TOPIC POINTS: Coming Soon!

BIO: Erica Reid believes each individual person can impact their healing the most by actively participating in it. She therefore applies her vast experience to not only treating, but educating her clients for self treatment to relieve their discomfort and maximize their individual potential. Her 1 on 1 therapy sessions involve hands-on treatments during which a multitude of Myofascial Release techniques as well as other cutting edge approaches are used to address the whole body. Education in proper body mechanics, movement, and postural awareness are also provided. Treatment session are for all ages, babies too!

Erica's extensive training in manual therapy techniques address the fascial and connective tissue system which extends to every cell in the body. By addressing this web of tissue, relief from pain can occur not only where the person is having symptoms, but also gets to the root of the problem. Traditional therapy usual just treats the area affected and therefore clients have only temporary relief, where as MFR techniques tare able to provide long term reduction of pain.

After going through her own healing journey with pelvic floor pain, Erica pursued learning and becoming specialized with pelvic floor therapy for both male & female clients through the Herman-Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. Incontinence, pregnancy pain, posture dysfunction, neck & back pain, and pelvic floor pain are just a few of the conditions for which she provides treatment.

Erica began her career in medicine over twenty years ago working as a Veterinary Technician in Florida whilst teaching animal behavior at the local college. She transitioned to working with people after earning her B.S. in Occupational Therapy from the University of Florida in 1997.

The choice to pursue Occupational versus Physical Therapy came as a result of the increased focus on the "whole body" as well as the psychological elements of healing. Erica has had the good fortune to work in multiple cities with multiple groups including stroke, spinal cord injuries, children with developmental delays in the school system, and elderly in long term care facilities. Along the way she discovered and studied not only myofascial release under John Barnes, PT., but lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy & visceral manipulation through the Upledger Institute, Reiki, as well as pilates and Restorative Exercise. 
Presenter: Deborah Anderson, PhD, RYT

Talk #1: Stress is Inevitable - Suffering is Optional!
Talk #2: Tame the Shame

Presenter: Deborah Anderson, PhD, RYT

Talk #1:
• What is stress?
• Fight-or-Flight versus Relaxation Response
• How stress can negatively impact your fertility
• Simple tools for your Stress Management Tool-Kit

Talk #2:
• The Lesson of Shame
• Tools to Navigate Your Feelings of Shame
•Seeing Your Fertility Journey as a Growth Opportunity

Bio: Deborah is a Licensed Psychologist (Specializing in Health Psychology and Neuropsychology), Registered Yoga Teacher, Fertility Yoga Expert, and co-founder of Living Lēla.

For as long as she can remember, she's been on a quest to understand how the mind and body work (especially how they work together) and how to achieve optimal mental and physical well-being. Deborah feels so fortunate to have been trained in both Western and Eastern medicine/philosophy and to be able to share and integrate what she has learned in her roles as both psychologist and yoga teacher.

Deborah once heard the quote that “research is often ‘me-search’,” – and so much to her surprise, in her late 30’s, she was now becoming a fertility expert as Deborah devoured everything she could get her hands on to better understand what was going on and her options. This led her to Brenda, and Wendy, and to this work. While she was never able to conceive on my own, Deborah has been blessed to be able to “mother” her step daughter and three beautiful grandchildren and to have found the “perfection” in her story. It is her great honor and pleasure to “hold space” for those of you going through this journey and to hopefully help you heal and make sense of your story too.

To learn more, visit www.drdeborahanderson.com

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