If you're frustrated and anxious during the 2WW you're not alone!

It's one of THE most common things we hear from women in our classes and the TTC community.

  • The Two Week Wait (2ww)

    If you’re on the Fertility Journey, you are most likely familiar with the term the “two week wait (2ww).”

    Most people add the word "dreaded" in front of it because it's just, well, hard.
    You've done everything you can to "try" to get pregnant and now all you can do is... wait.

    The two-week wait, also known more formally as the luteal phase, is typically 13-14 days. It is the time between ovulation and either getting that positive pregnancy test (!) or your period.

    If your luteal phase is less than 13-14 days, please consult with your medical professional as this may be an indicator of an underlying medical condition known as a luteal phase defeat (which is often associated with an increased risk for miscarriages).

  • Control what you can.
    Let go of everything else.

    We humans LOVE to feel like we have control over our lives. When we don't, we shift into anxiety (fear of future danger), anger, sadness, and so on. As a rule, we seek pleasure and we try to avoid pain.

    Now if you can truly control something - go for it!! But there are many things in life that you cannot control. This is where wisdom comes in. Knowing when to keep "pushing" to "make" something happen and knowing when to step back and surrender.

    So we're inviting you to shift your focus to things you can control during this time to help you feel more peaceful and empowered.

  • Taking it one day at a time

    All you truly can control is what you are thinking and doing in THIS very moment.

    So we've made this as simple for you as possible.

    For each day of the two-week wait we guide you through 1-2 exercises to help you IMMEDIATELY feel more present, calm the "monkey mind" and be more embodied.

    No matter the outcome, our goal is for you to learn to cultivate a state of "being" even while you are "doing" your life, whether it's related to your fertility journey or not.

  • What is safe? What's not safe?

    We get asked A LOT about what is safe or not safe to do during the 2WW.

    So we've got you covered! Everything included in this tool-kit is safe to do whether you're trying to get pregnant naturally or you're doing an Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) cycle.

  • The 2WW Tool-Kit includes:

    This Soulful Conceptions™ program includes:
    • breathing exercises
    • yoga asana (poses)
    • meditation & mindfulness
    • psychology & emotional wellbeing
    • lifestyle changes & rituals
    and more!

    Take action today by incorporating these powerful fertility and wellness tools into your life!

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