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Classes are held on specific dates (virtually) every month.

Each month, these virtual gatherings interweave elements, concepts and practices that are integral to finding ease in the space of uncertainty, including: 

• Self-acupressure & introduction to the Fertility Ball Method®
• Breath to Conceive™ exercises
• Emotional Intelligence (psychological components of the path to parenthood)
• Coping techniques & stress reduction tools
• Cycle-specific yoga practices, including "Two Week Wait" 
   (& other specific protocols when going through ART)
• Mindfulness and meditation practices
• Education on Environmental Toxins 
• Explorations & discussions that leave you feeling empowered
• Opportunity for group sharing and support with an intimate group of women encountering a similar journey

This provides women struggling with fertility, pregnancy loss or the need for community a safe space to share, move and breathe.

All are welcome! This is an inclusive support group perfect for anyone moving through the process of trying to conceive, as well as those who are in early pregnancy (after experiencing fertility challenges).

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