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Reframing the Fertility Journey

Yes, of course, you must prepare your body to "carry" your children
(whether you birth them or not). ⁣

You also must prepare every other aspect of Self for Motherhood.
So that you may "mother" from your center.
So that when the days become difficult and the perfect storm has arrived, you can stay steady and be who you have prepared to become: MOTHER

We hold steadfast to this philosophy:⁣
To shift the focus from Baby-making to Mama-making.
To reframe the fertility journey as a blessing and opportunity, rather than a curse.⁣

Through our Soulful Concepts of Well-being,
we will guide you on:

✓ ways to connect a healthy body, mind, and soul

✓ so you can live a balanced life, be present, and

✓ move with ease & grace through every stage of life.

Because you see, we too have walked the path...

And have spent years working with countless individuals (and their partners) experiencing the ups and downs of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum.

Let us hold your hand through this thing called life. We've got your back.

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Learn about how your genetics affect your fertility and the budding field of Epigenetics to help you feel more empowered while trying to conceive. 


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There are some truly inspirational stories from members of the Soulful Conceptions™ programs.



We offer an array of resources
to fit your lifestyle needs.

Coaching Program


Payment Plan Available

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1st month $9.99

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Fertility Ball Method®


Includes Video Series

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For private sessions &
general inquires, email: 
[email protected]

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Soulful Conceptions™ Membership Immersion 
(Independent Study)

This offers members a wide variety of wellness tools and mind-body practices, through mostly video and audio (with some downloadable PDF's). With over 30 hours of content, in a mix of simple yet powerful yoga sequences, guided meditations, and oh-so-much more, these resources will help you approach your journey in a balanced way. May be accessed anytime, anywhere on your computer or mobile device.


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Be More, Do Less™

Twelve Week Coaching Program

Our coaching program includes weekly video calls with an imtimate group of others moving through a similar journey. The specially curated content includes weekly online support resources, our special 14-day Guide for the Two Week Wait, and much more.

These twelve weeks will help you master mind-body wellness practices and make it a powerful part of your daily routine.

Our proven system of concepts, exercises, and coaching teach you how to listen to your body, connect to your breath (particularly as you navigate the stress of not knowing), and cope with the many facets and challenges that arise during the infertility journey (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and often spiritual).


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Fertility Ball Method®

This system utilizes ancient acupressure points in the body -- the same meridians, or energy channels, as used in acupuncture. This protocol can be practiced in the comfort of your home and is safe to do if you are undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), with specific instructions for modifications, when needed.


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Virtual Fertility + Early Pregnancy Mind-Body Group Support

Please note: these sessions are included in the cost of the 12-week coaching program.

For everyone else, drop in anytime! We just ask you to check for available dates and pre-register on our site.

At these one hour gatherings, you will:
✔ meet others going through fertility challenges, or in the early stages of pregnancy (after infertility)

✔ learn tangible tools, including mind-body practices such as yoga, breathwork, and meditation, to navigate the emotional and physical roller-coaster of this journey

✔ have the opportunity to share in a safe space as much, or as little, as feels comfortable.

No prior yoga experience is required.

Registration Fee: $25.00.


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Finding Peace in Uncertainty

"Infertility can bring about an array of feelings and emotions that many people don’t understand or are even sure how to help you. Prior to this group, I suffered from anxiety, many “what if’s,” and no matter what, I could not be at peace. I sometimes felt alone and unsure of how to process all my feelings.

Wendy and Deborah have provided me with the ability to join both yoga and psychology to bring about a sense of peace, relaxation, and trust in the process. I urge anyone that is going through this process to give this weekly group a try. It was and continues to be life-changing for me. Not just in dealing with infertility but with the daily struggles in life, particularly now during COVID.

You will find a sense of community and opportunity to engage with others and really develop friendships and a circle of support. Thank you, ladies, for all the help emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually."


- Nancy (pictured with her daughter, Journey)

We are Wendy & Deborah of Living Lēla.


We teach mind-body practices for fertility, pregnancy, and overall wellness. Both of us have walked the path of infertility and so we really do get it! And for the past 15+ years, we have been in the business of Mama-making; teaching our clients to heal their bodies and soul from the inside out so they can live a life of power, presence, and purpose.


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"Soulful Conceptions™ was just what I needed during my fertility journey. It was a safe, soft place to land after many years of bad news and broken hearts. This practice works.

After a few months of practicing, I was ready to get back in the game of fertility doctor visits and more trying, and lo and behold, I got pregnant! Since then, we’ve been blessed with two beautiful children and I’m so grateful to Wendy and all those beautiful Mamas I practiced yoga with;
it was truly a turning point for me.”

- A.B. | Los Angeles, CA

There are several ways to get support and be involved:

You can join any one of a mix of our many offerings. It’s the fastest way to feel the full benefits of living with equanimity and learning to control what you can (and let go of the rest)!


Monthly Membership Immersion


One-time fee of $9.99 for the first month

  • Guided meditations
  • Cycle-specific yoga practices
  • Fertility breathwork series
  • Introduction to Ayurveda & Functional Medicine Nutrition 
  • Lessons on Psychology & Emotional Intelligence
  • Other specialty topics, interviews, and bonus materials with new content being added monthly.
  • $9.99 the first month; $19 monthly subscription begins the second month
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12-Week Coaching Program


payment plan available

  • Weekly Intimate Virtual Support
  • 12-week online course
  • Weekly Mind-Body practices
  • Fertility Education
  • 14-day guide for the Two Week Wait
  • Special guest lecture with Functional Medicine Nutritionist/Ayurvedic Practitioner
  • Exclusive access to Be More, Do Less™ Community Circle
  • Private FB group and ongoing access to course coaches
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Fertility Ball Method® Self-Acupressure


  • A stand-alone practice or integrated into your fertility yoga practices.
  • (13) instructional videos for each exercise
  • You will receive a printed instruction manual with set
  • You will also receive (1) small ball pump (while supplies last)
  • Clear explanation of modifications (if needed)
  • Shipping & Handling costs are included, for United States residents only
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To be brutally honest, the thought of attending a fertility support group turned me off completely. I thought it would make me feel even sadder. But the opposite was true. To be able to share my story and heartbreak and hear from others who knew EXACTLY where I was coming from was a revelation. One that actually brought me some peace--and even joy."

- Alyson J. | Los Angeles, CA

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