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  • Online Membership Program

    The Soulful Conceptions™ Membership site/community hub offers its members a wide variety of wellness tools through mostly video and audio (with some PDF's) and information that may be accessed anytime, anywhere on your computer or mobile device.

  • Build Your Wellness Tool-Kit

    Drawing from both Eastern and Western psychology and wellness teachings, we have compiled a library of tangible and easy-to-integrate daily practices to help you feel more present and balanced in your mind, body and spirit!

  • These Tools Are For Everyone

    For many years we have been supporting those going through fertility challenges. And so, you'll hear us directly reference "fertility" in many of the videos. However, these tools are truly for all of us, because they support overall health and wellness!

  • Online Community

    We invite you to be a part of our supportive community. Here you can connect with other members and openly share your thoughts, concerns, successes, and worries with others navigating the ups and downs of this journey we call life.

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    We offer more intimate, customized, private sessions for members by request. These sessions are perfect for those who may not yet be comfortable joining the group or would like more personalized instruction.

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    We are currently offering specific dates each month for our Fertility Yoga & Group Support gatherings. Dates can be found with pre-registration link below.

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Because isolation leads to decreased health and wellness, take advantage of connecting with others who are also navigating this journey we call life.

We also personally lend our support to members by answering questions and participating in group discussions that arise.

Our clients believe the support community is an integral part of the Soulful Conceptions™ membership site and online/in-person programs.
We invite you to become a part of our Community Hub!

Private Sessions and Consultations

We're always available for customized, one-on-one sessions and consultations either
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FREE Fertility Mini-Course
Foundations of Fertility: Basic Thrival Kit™

Having the "tools" to feel supported, educated, and proactive can make all the difference when navigating the path of fertility!

We've handpicked tangible practices and concepts to help you feel more like you're thriving (rather than just surviving) the ups and downs of this journey. 

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Online Fertility Course

The Complete Soulful Conceptions™ Mind-Body Fertility Courses and Program

There are changes you can make today to take control of your fertility journey and feel more empowered. Get access to our combined expertise in yoga and yoga therapy, psychology, mind-body medicine, neuroscience, and the ancient life-science of Ayurveda—all in one place.

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What Soulful Conceptions™ is All About

Learn more about the Soulful Conceptions™ Mind-Body Fertility Program from course instructors:
Wendy, Deborah, and Megan

Individual Online Courses

For your convenience, specific courses are available separately.
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Shelley and Melissa

Watch and listen to two of our members share their powerful Soulful Conceptions™ experiences.

Meet Your Instructors

Three experts are at your service, combining their years of wisdom and knowledge
—all to support you with your health & wellness needs.

  • Wendy Obstler

    Certified Yoga Therapist, Breathwork & Fertility Ball Method® Instructor

    Wendy Obstler

    I am a Certified Yoga Therapist, Pre & Post Natal Yoga Instructor and Fertility Yoga Expert with 15+ years of experience teaching mind-body fertility practices. I've worked with countless women and their partners struggling with fertility challenges & pregnancy loss, witnessing over and over again the powerful benefits of yoga on fertility. I have also been through my own personal bumpy ride on the fertility wagon. After two heartbreaking miscarriages, I conceived my amazing son, Henri. Being entrusted to guide and hold the space for those moving through the tumultuous roller coaster ride of fertility is a privilege I hold in the highest regard.
  • Deborah  Anderson

    Psychologist/ Neuropsychologist & Meditation/Yoga Teacher

    Deborah Anderson

    I am a Health Psychologist, Neuropsychologist and Yoga Teacher. I have been studying and teaching mind-body wellness for several decades and fertility yoga for 10+ years. While I was never able to conceive on my own, I have been blessed to be able to “mother” my step daughter and three beautiful grandchildren, and to have found the “perfection” in my story. It is my great honor and pleasure to “hold space” for those of you going through this journey and to help you heal and make sense of your story too.
  • Megan  Murphy-Rouse

    Ayurvedic Practitioner & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

    Megan Murphy-Rouse

    I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Functional Medicine Nutritionist. I specialize my practice in women’s reproductive health and preconception care for many reasons, but first and foremost because I recognize in my clients what I see so clearly in myself – a very deep, very strong desire to one day be a mother. That is why I am fully committed to helping women who are looking to conceive optimize their health, not only to enhance their fertility but also to support the well-being of their future baby-to-be. It is an honor to be one of your guides along this journey.

Member Testimonials

Please take a few moments to read some truly inspirational success stories from members of the Soulful Conceptions™ program.

Francesca | Los Angeles, CA

"It was so helpful to know I wasn't alone"

Francesca | Los Angeles, CA

“It was refreshing to be amongst people who understood how I was feeling on this journey, and to be able to say out loud things I couldn't share with people in my daily life. We learned invaluable breathing techniques, poses, and stretches that helped my body and brought peace to my mind.

"The fertility program ended around Thanksgiving 2014, and I felt re-energized. I focused on really ramping up my holistic treatments for PCOS (supplements and diet) and keeping up my stretches, meditations, and breathing exercises. In early February 2015, we met with a fertility clinic to map our next steps: IUI and IVF. We left with instructions to make an appointment at the beginning of the next cycle. It turns out that we never needed to make that call; miraculously we conceived that cycle.

"I was cautiously optimistic and so nervous, but in November 2015, after a healthy pregnancy, we welcomed our son, Leo. Even throughout my pregnancy, I used some of the breathing techniques I learned in the program to help center my mind and reduce anxiety.

"I am so thankful for Wendy and what she does to provide women with a safe space to come to terms with their fertility journey and re-frame it in a positive way. It was so helpful to know I wasn't alone.”
 K. G. | Los Angeles, CA

"I loved being in the company of women who completely understand"

K. G. | Los Angeles, CA

“I have been practicing Soulful Conceptions™ since I began my fertility journey. The practice has kept me grounded through the ups and downs. The program was a wonderful way to cement my experience with tools I can use for anything that comes up. I loved being in the company of women who completely understand and can sympathize with what I'm going through. Bravo to Wendy and Deborah for holding the compassionate space to grow and deepen this journey.”
Jeanne | Sherman Oaks, CA

"It gave me my life back"

Jeanne | Sherman Oaks, CA

“The yoga program is SOOOO much more than yoga. It is community and sharing, well researched guidance and... IT GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK. It has truly been transformative in my abilities and attitude in dealing with this crazy fertility journey… I know very little about yoga and this was entirely comfortable and easy for me to attend. I think all women who find themselves on this path should sign-up.”
A.B. | Los Angeles, CA

"This practice works"

A.B. | Los Angeles, CA

“Soulful Conceptions™ was just what I needed during my fertility journey. It was a safe, soft place to land after many years of bad news and broken hearts. This practice works.

"After a few months of practicing, I was ready to get back in the game of fertility doctors visits, and more trying, and lo and behold, I got pregnant! Since then, we’ve been blessed with two beautiful children and I’m so grateful to Wendy and all those beautiful Mamas I practiced yoga with; it was truly a turning point for me.”
Alyson J. | Los Angeles, CA

"I was really at the end of my rope"

Alyson J. | Los Angeles, CA

"To be brutally honest, the thought of attending a fertility support group turned me off completely. I thought it would make me feel even more sad. But the opposite was true. To be able to share my story and heartbreak and hear from others who knew EXACTLY where I was coming from was a revelation. One that actually brought me some peace--and even joy.

"This group came at the right time for me because I was really at the end of my rope with my husband and well meaning family and friends who, while trying to be kind and helpful, would end up just making me angry. Talking to women who really understood allowed me to be completely honest about what I was going through, and allowed me to feel supported in a way that I didn't know was possible.

"The most important thing I got from the group was the deep realization that my body was perfect. My body that couldn't do what I desperately wanted it to do was perfect as it was. That powerful realization allowed me to make decisions that resulted in my now 2 year old twins. And the practices I learned in the group have become an ongoing help to me whenever I am going through a hard time.

"If the last thing you want to do is join a fertility support group, I gotta tell you--attend this one. You might be as surprised as I was."
Mary | Los Angeles, CA

"I became pregnant, naturally"

Mary | Los Angeles, CA

"My husband and I had been through 3 failed artificial inseminations. The next step was IVF. We knew it would be a process, especially since my husband was getting ready to deploy overseas. I wanted to be in a better place emotionally before IVF because I was going to be on my own.

"I started going to their classes not knowing what to expect, but it was so refreshing and validating to be in a space where the other women understood me - they were experiencing the same frustrations.

"Deborah and Wendy absolutely changed how I approach stress and life changes. I now believe that I was supposed to travel this path on my own. I learned to fight less and value what I feel in the moment.

"I became pregnant, naturally, while my husband was home on leave in December."
Jasmine | Los Angeles, CA

"We'd been trying for 4 years to get pregnant"

Jasmine | Los Angeles, CA

"We'd been trying for 4 years to get pregnant. We'd been through so many procedures and tests, including 2 rounds of IVF. Nothing worked, and no one knew why. I had shut down. I didn't have anyone to connect with other than my husband and my dog. Everyone was having babies, and our friends and family didn't know how to support us. No one talks about fertility challenges - you are embarrassed, afraid, and overwhelmed with what it might mean for your life plans.

"A friend of a friend referred me to the Soulful Conceptions program. The first time I spoke with Wendy, I broke down crying. Tears of sadness and frustration but also relief to finally have someone to talk to. She is so compassionate and has such a beautiful energy.

"I attended my first class and immediately felt safe. I am not a "talk about my feelings" kind of person, but I felt so much solace in sharing with Wendy, Deborah, and the other women in the program."